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Planning to expand in the U.S.? 
4 Solutions for your Success

Expanding your business in the U.S. is not a simple matter.

The U.S. market is the most complex and structured platform that the world has ever seen: here, many entrepreneurs come to follow their dreams and achieve their success. Some succeed, yet most struggle for years and fail miserably.

Every year too many companies go bankrupt because of poor planning, insufficient preparation, lack of business process, inadequate structure or presence.

Developing a successful commercial presence in such a vast, complex and diverse territory can be unexpectedly expensive.

Small and medium businesses are often caught off-guard by the unseen overhead costs: trying to withstand the ongoing development expenses to run their activity successfully often results in a catastrophic drain of financial resources.

At North America we can help many small and medium businesses to safely and cost-effectively establish a solid and successful commercial presence in the United States without spending a fortune and with minimal investment on their part.

We offer 4 efficient and cost-effective solutions to successfully expand your business in the North American marketplace.

A single-point nationwide reference for all your transactions in the U.S.


A traditional Distributor buying and reselling your products in a specific U.S. region.


A lighter structure with a lighter service. An army of Sales Reps promoting your products nationwide.


A branch without the fixed costs of a branch and no capital investment.Too good to be true?


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