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Industrial Incubator

Opening, launching, and successfully operating a branch in a new market involves major financial resources, significant fixed costs, and no guarantee of near-term return on capital investment.

Launching a branch in the United States, setting up all the necessary infrastructures, hiring the right professionals, creating from scratch a sales and distribution network, financing the day-to-day activity, etc., can be cost-prohibitive for many companies.

Many owners of small- and medium-sized businesses recognize that a direct presence in the North American marketplace would make a tremendous difference in terms of sales growth, image, and international prestige, yet their level of revenue and financial resources simply does not allow them to consider such an ambitious plan.

At North America, we can help many small- and medium-sized businesses to safely and cost-effectively establish a direct presence in the United States, without any of the typical costs associated with opening, launching, and operating a branch.

Too good to be true? See if you qualify.

A branch, without the overhead costs of a branch.